Enjoy Locally Grown Organic Microgreen!
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Enjoy Locally Grown Organic Microgreen!
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BOSI Leaf is a leading microgreen grower based out of North Bangalore, dedicated to growing premium quality microgreens, wheat grass and also deals with other natural diet food products towards healthy living.

BOSI Leaf is one of the first to introduce microgreen in Bangalore ( since June 2011) without doing any much publicity, since we were supplying to limited customers as were doing in small scale without any brand. ( Mightygreens were also owned by us)

We are team of dedicated and passionate grower , trying our best to give to human and to mother earth.


At BOSI Leaf, we provide fresh, local, microgreens and wheat grass grown using organic methods using soil-less culture in temperature controlled greenhouse to avoid any possibilities of contamination from soil or dust.
We specialize in growing the highest quality, nutrient dense greens that help you leading a healthy life.
If you own a organic stores , supermarket ,food court or restaurant, you can also partner with us for bulk microgreens order at reasonable prices.
Our endeavor is to help you have healthy diet meals every day. Densely packed with an array of vitamins and minerals, our microgreens can serve as veg salads for diet, healthy foods to lose weight, healthy food for glowing skin, cancer protect food, food for diabetics and so on.
Fresh microgreens and wheatgrass help protect vision, fight against cancer, diabetes, revitalize tissue, calm inflammation, activate enzymes and detoxify the body. The inclusion of microgreens provides you with an endless possibility to redefine your menu with items categorized as nutrition for weight loss, healthy diet for healthy skin, diabetic diet recipes, and much more.
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