Enjoy Locally Grown Organic Microgreen!
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Enjoy Locally Grown Organic Microgreen!
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Health Benefits of Microgreens

We’ve talked a bit about microgreens and their health benefits, but just how does it all breakdown when these tender young things go head-to-head with their mature counterparts?

Microgreens have recently become more widely available in large supermarkets. Their increasing popularity is due partly to their ability to pack a lot of flavor in a small amount, as well as their flexibility in being included in a dish. Mix them to create a small, flavorful and delicately textured salad, or use only one or two greens to give a plate a final touch. Microgreens, in addition to their strong flavors, are also lauded for their health benefits, which can vary depending on the type of microgreen.

What is Microgreen ?

Edible seedlings harvested at first true leaf stage . Generally it takes 1- 3 weeks until harvest.

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